too short for cruelty-close your eyes.

 this is a still from jean paul gaultier haute couture show back in 2007.the model is patrizia schmid.patrizia played the queen for jean paul,you see.

i bumped on this picture some days ago.i kept still,looking at it for quite some time because it made quite an impression on me.better yet,it had quite an impact.such one that i thought of doing a whole post on this picture alone.[but i haven’t decided yet,we’ll see..]

names & stories & words flashed through my mind:royal,joan of arc,dominating,madonna-like [both the singer & Virgin Mary],warrior,marie antoinette-just to name a few.


truth is,his majesty was inspired by vernacular art & Virgin Mary alone.

as far as my opinion goes,inspiration by william-adolphe bouguereau’s 'the madonna of the roses' - a work of art from 1903 could be possible,hm?



somewhat provocative collection-some for thought or just a reason to burst out?

'is religion art?','was that an attempt to mocke?','was his intention to be provocative?','idololatry,anyone?','fashion & religion are in hand in hand or they are enemies?’ questions like that found their way to overflow in almost every article or post relative to the collection.

i’d recommend to skip all that because that’s not the point.a great mind created something exquisite,inspired by something so personal such as religion & took it to another level surrounded with fashion. 

could you do that,you people with the questions?i do not think so.


immitation of churche’s stained glass windows with baby jesus on the supposed mary’s shoulder


taking as a refference the little ‘vows’ pinned on saints’ paintings.





& a stunning dita.


in 2007 he presented colorful ombre hair-he’s just miles ahead of his time.



the truth is,art,photography,music,styling & fashion get religious every now & then.& the outcome is good enough to keep going.

















of course i couldn’t exclude gaga.

love,peace & glitter

-irrelevant question of the day:how would you feel about an entire glitter & sparkle post? because i’m on it !


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