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newsflash: well, if you are the regular reader that i know you are, you should already know alexander voulgaris & his obsession in vogue blog. after two years of blogging-can you say happy blog birthday?- alex comes to put a twist on it: creating an online blog magazine, obsession in vogue magazine, under the name "fertility" for the first issue, and it’s gonna be all about new talents, both in fashion & general arts.

so, what about the fertility issue?

This first issue of Obsession In Vogue TM Magazine is influenced by the teens (also being a phase of my life), the flowers and fertility. I wanted the cover to both represent the birth of the magazine and the birth of the new talents hidden in its pages, that, each one with his own piece of work, interpret the concept of the issue differently. That’s also why I chose shots of a young naked woman, being a fertility symbol, as well as the Latin letter V. The flowers have been added because, in my opinion, they symbolize the innocence and the crispness / freshness a human in his puberty emits, but also in contrast to the kind of puberty that I present in Fertility issue; a dark and a wild one.

the cover is released. until the official launch, follow oiv magazine to stay updated!

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